Trail Hero Fab Fours Trail Breaker Competition At Sand Hollow at Trail Hero

This is Absolutely Insane!
One of the Gnarliest Competitions at Trail Hero…

Kevin and Brittany Are Trying To Get Good Placement,
So They Can Get the Most Rad Video Footage…

So you watching at home can get a bird’s eye view of the amazing action, which is about to start…

Brittany is out scouting the best vantage point.

For videoing, they are having to do some major hiking.

As the first driver comes though, on a vertical face, he tries to veer downhill, without flipping, as his vehicle is all twisted up.

Kevin doesn’t even know what he’s looking at, as they move through Gate 2 to Course 3, which is the most difficult out of all the hills.

And he finally makes it to the top. It’s just insane.

Kevin and Brittany had the perfect spot to see all the action. That last driver actually had to do a 180 crab walking.

As the action slows down in between heats, some spectators get a chance to chat with Brittany, about videoing, and the editing she will be doing later in the coach, when the day’s events have finished.

Because tomorrow, she will be busy with their Lite Brite Trail Ride, then the Trail Hero Vendor’s Show, then the raffles and giveaways.

As Brittany crosses down to get the next video shot, she gets some more amazing shots.

To see all the action, Kevin has to get on the other side of the ridge sideways. At the same time, Brittany talks about why she needs a dead cat.
But don’t worry, because that’s just audio lingo for the baffle she needs to keep the noise down from her mic, since there’s a stiff wind blowing up and down the ridges.

As they navigate Stage 3, which is difficult, it seems that Stage 1 was actually the most challenging part of the course today. Only two drivers have made it through Stage 1, and two timed out. Which means they exceeded the allotted time for that course.

As Brittany scout out the next good shot, Kevin sips a Moab Beer on the ridge, which carries a hefty 9.6% APV punch.

So, you know he’s having fun!

All while Brittany climbs back up to get one more round of shots from drivers in Stage 1.

Each driver, when done with the stage they are attacking, enters an isolation tent, so they can’t see the next stage ahead. This makes it more challenging, as they can’t try to create their plan to conquer their next stage, while they are waiting to tackle the next stage.

The next driver is at a such a steep vertical angle, you can actually see fuel leaking out of their tank. Now THAT’S crazy!

Up till now, there only been 4 completions for Stage 1, out of seven or eight drivers.

This is not just one of the gnarly offroad competitions you’ll ever see, and that these vehicles are insanely capable…

This is the most extreme of the extreme rock crawlers, made to do what most people would think impossible, you have to give it to the drivers. Because there are so many moving parts, and crab walks and spinning the vehicle around, and the sheer weight of these machines.

All to get in the position you need to be in. It takes amazing skills and driver knowledge, to maneuver one of these bad boys, and win heats.

Watch Our Video To Get All The Action!

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  1. Great footage, great event, great people and grateful for our Veterans. My wife and I are both Veterans headed to winter4x4jamboree 2020 and am hoping to go to Trail Hero 2020 when registration opens.

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