E3 OffRoad Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs Brittany & Kevin Answer Your Questions

With all the buzz and excitement about E3 OffRoad Memberships launching SOON…we’ve also received a lot of questions.

So Brittany and Kevin Williams sat down to answer all the Frequently Asked Questions. Here’s what they had to share…

Question – What does E3 OffRoad Stand for? Empower, Educate and Entertain.

Question – Is E3 OffRoad a forum? No. E3 OffRoad is a membership program. It’s everything but a forum.

Forums, for the most part, are really toxic places. There’s a lot of negativity and there’s a lot of misinformation in forums. The E3 OffRoad membership program aims to avoid all that. It’s a place where you can find legitimate, filtered, vetted information from industry professionals, and it’s not a forum. E3 OffRoad is however, an entire program that involves online video courses from, not necessarily us, but actual industry professionals that know what the hell they’re talking about. It’s also podcast webinars, live events, trail rides.

Question – Will E3 OffRoad take over the Lite Brite YouTube channel? It’s not changing.

It’s staying exactly the way it is. We’re just trying to contribute and build and help this community in general. We want people to enjoy off roading more. We want more people to have access to it and access to actual correct information.

Question – What will the E3 OffRoad membership cost? Based on the content, the benefits and all the discounts we will be providing through the E3 OffRoad membership, our goal is to make this as affordable as absolutely possible.

No more expensive than say like a Netflix subscription or an HBO subscription. And in conjunction with making it affordable, we’re also going to have a free portion of the membership, where you can actually just test things out, see if you even like it, because we don’t want people paying for something they’re not going to enjoy or benefit from.

Question – Why does it cost any money at all? And the answer to that is actually two answers. So the first and foremost, is we want E3 OffRoad to enrich the entire off roading community, which means that a portion of all membership dues goes to a charity.

Specifically Hero for a Day, which helps to support disabled veterans, because that is hugely important to me. It’s hugely important to Kevin, and I know it’s hugely important to a lot of you guys. And so it means a lot. We wanted to do that.

In addition to that, keep in mind, this isn’t just our YouTube channel, it’s not just Kevin and I. We have a whole team of people building this program, this membership. We’re scattered  and traveling across the nation to bring you vetted, accurate information from industry professionals.

Because we want you guys to be able to have access to something that’s actually really, really hard to come by nowadays on the Internet. I mean, we’ve all been there, we’ve all been to a Facebook group or a forum and you ask a question and you’re harassed because you didn’t use the search button or you used the search button, but then you found 20 different answers to the same to the same question.

Question – Who are these industry professional and experts? So the first thing to keep in mind is that this isn’t just jeeps. This is E3 OffRoad, this is side-by-sides, Toyota’s, Nissan’s, pickups. I mean anything that has to do with off-roading.

So the people we’d be getting with all over the country will be from rescue and recovery groups, actual companies that sell rescue recovery gear, that know what they’re talking about a heck of a lot more than we do. Also like parks and wildlife officials from around the country. For your safety, for you, for your animals, stuff like that. The people that we’re getting with are literally professionals in the industry.

So professionals with buggies, people who know buggies inside and out, people that know side by sides in and out, axles, gearing, really everything and anything. So we’ve talked to people in all different kinds of companies and we’re getting with people throughout the whole country.

And then if you have questions you can email those or when we have the Q and A, any of the podcasts or webinars, you can send that in if we haven’t answered the question already and then we can get with somebody and/or answer your question personally or in video.

Question – How can we participate? Email us if you have questions for the Q and A, podcasts or webinars.

We will answer it or get with a professional to answer your question personally or in video.

Question – How is the E3 OffRoad membership both live and online?

We’ve talked about all of the online entertainment and education. We’ve got live calls, live expert interviews, webinars, trail rides, meet and greets, conferences and member only events and much, much, much, much more.

Question – How do you guys get to meet us in person, with trail rides and meet and greets, you guys already do that. What’s different with the E3 OffRoad membership program?

So, you will always, always, always get to meet us through Lite Brite, through things that we’re doing in our travels. None of that’s going to change. We’ll still be doing meetups in cities as we travel the nation. We’ll still be doing trail rides and events and whatnot.

E3 OffRoad membership events, however, are going to be way above and beyond what we can do on our own. They’ll involve catered food, alcohol, awesome things like games and things to participate in. So, this is a community, right? So yes, you can come meet us at In and Out parking lot or McDonald’s parking lot or, if we’re at an event somewhere and then say hi or whatever.

But if you want more, if you want to take a trip for instance, to like say Africa, traveling across the country, off roading excursion, maybe swimming with great white sharks or something, this is an idea that I had by the way. I think it’d be super rad to make an E3 OffRoad membership trip. Those things that we normally cannot afford to do, but we can through E3 OffRoad.

So bringing everybody together, meet other like-minded people who were new with off roading, or maybe they’re seasoned, but also have guest speakers there. Live people from the industry that you can shoot the breeze with and learn from. So, it’s just trying to bring everybody together in a really awesome, nice environment, rather than just an In and Out parking lot where it’s like 105 degrees.

Question – How often will new content be released? Weekly and monthly we’ll release courses, podcasts, and audio messages.

And we also have an E3 OffRoad TV series, which if you don’t know what e three TV is, it’s basically our own TV series, which you’ll get new episodes on a monthly basis. Weekly and monthly we’ll release courses, podcasts, audio messages, and we also have an E3 OffRoad TV series, which if you don’t know what E3 TV is, it’s our own TV series with new episodes monthly.

Question – Why is the membership monthly? The unique feature of the E3 membership is that it never ends.

Just like current affairs never ends, E3 OffRoad keeps you up to date monthly. We share new training, new laws, the latest equipment, updates and more. Much of the activity and live events happen monthly. You will always have new and fresh content and activities for you to take advantage of. Also, unlike programs that make you pay for the year and lock you in, E3 is a no obligation program. You can cancel at any time with no future obligation.

Question – Can I cancel my membership at any time? If at any point the membership just isn’t fulfilling all your needs, all year, you can cancel it anytime.

There’s no obligation at all. If it’s not working out for you, you’re just not getting the benefits that you’d like from it, let us know first, there’s no harm. I mean, we’re all here to try to help each other, so send us a message. Let us know why. But if you want to cancel, we’ll cancel you no problem.

Question – Why are there different levels to the membership program?

You can experience the program with all of them, with their own perks. However, just a heads up, the VIP will be pretty limited.

Question – What does it mean to be a Founder, how do you become a Founder?

Those who joined our list already will get a 48 hour advance notice to become a Founding Member of E3 OffRoad, before we invite the rest of the world to get in on it.

Which basically means, you will have 48 hour advance notice to become a Founder, because as we said, there’s only 500 Founder memberships, and when they are gone they are gone.

Plus, Founding Members lock in their low membership pricing for life. Founders also get exclusive invitations, offers and discounts throughout their membership. Founders also get access to VIP treatment at online and offline events, in addition to access to our exclusive network of valuable partners that you would never gain access to, with exclusive content other members don’t get, and VIP seats at events.

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  1. Even though I live in a completely different country, where offroading is almost prohibited, I really appreciate all the experiences and learning I think is coming! As You know, Norway should have been heaven for off roading but we will make the best of what we have!
    Looking forward to having many interesting hours of offroad fun!
    Best Regards!

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