Hero for a Day Receives Gift from E3 OffRoad Association Proceeds will provide accessibility for Veterans and people with special needs.

Hero for a Day received incredible support during last week’s Trail Hero event in Utah. Two special donations will advance their work creating accessibility for Veterans and people with special needs. E3 OffRoad Association presented Hero for A Day with a $4,280 gift. Shortly after the check was presented, an E3 OffRoad Association member matched the donation! Watch the video … Read More

A Brief Beginner Off Roading Guide

Off Roaders are from every walk of life, but there are two major groups: First, there are those who go off roading in their beat-up 4Runners. Then those who take guided 4×4 Jeep tours, possibly ending with a glass of Chablis at sunset on the trail. Both groups, however, are adventurers and see the journey itself — not the destination … Read More

Kris “Tanto” Paronto’s Message -BONUS from Our Sister Brand E3 Firearms Association Q&A With Kris Paronto & Adam Painchaud

Here's the next segment of our Interview with E3 Firearms Association co-Founder Adam Painchaud, as they continue their conversation... ADAM PAINCHAUD:  You're a firearms instructor for 18+ years. You’ve been on the range a lot. You're working a lot of students and influencing a lot of folks, people maybe just starting out shooting or seasoned operators. When you're out there ... Read More