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Off-Roading Essential Gear

The backcountry can be an ever-changing and
unforgiving place, especially if you’re unprepared
for the harsh realities of off-roading in rugged

Guzzle Water Disinfecting System

As with any outdoor recreation, overlanding requires potable water for washing, drinking,
and cooking. Multiday backcountry outings require a thoughtful water strategy.

OffRoad First Aid Medical Kits

If you drive a car, you need a car first aid kit. Plain
and simple. You may think that since you already
have a first aid kit at home, you’re all set. Sadly,
that’s not quite the case. 

What Is Overlanding?

Overlanding is about tents, vehicles, trails, campsites, camp cooking, with great people in the great outdoors, creating a memorable experience. There is definite skill involved in overlanding and much of it is acquired over time.

The History of Jeep

For over 75 years the Jeep® Brand has been indelibly linked to freedom, adventure,
authenticity and passion. Their core values are embodied in every Jeep Brand vehicle’s

How Off-Roading Works

For most people, a bumpy, muddy, rocky road would be a driving nightmare. But for some, the rougher the road the better. In fact, for a group of adventurers known as off-roaders, no road is best of all.