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Brittany Williams

Co-Founder / Partner

Brittany Williams, as a driving force and executive for E3 OffRoad, is also a full-time YouTuber! In addition to running E3 she manages a channel called Lite Brite, and together with her husband Kevin, they travel the nation and occasionally even the world to bring entertaining and inspirational content to their subscribers and members!

Born in New Orleans and raised in Texas, she got into the automotive game later in life while attending Texas A&M University. She graduated as not only a proud Aggie, but also as a totally obsessed car enthusiast.

It wasn’t much later that she met her soon-to-be husband, Kevin – sitting passenger as he gave her her very first ride-along in a drift car. So of course…she learned to drift.

The most amazing part of drifting was the exhilaration of controlling what very well should have been an “out of control” machine. You’re pinging 8,000 redline, sideways, and doing it with precision, and all while in full control of the vehicle.

“We only get one life, and it’s very short. So make the most of it!”

So, why off roading? It’s the thrill, the traveling and the people. Brittany gets to constantly see new and beautiful places across the country, and even across the world. She also gets to meet some of the most interesting and incredible people along the way.

She has a very general goal for her future, and every day of her life. To be happy. Whatever makes her smile and makes her heart beat faster, she goes after it. Chase your dreams. Find your passion. Enjoy your life to the utmost fullest.

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